The Whole Hemp Plant Infusion, following an ancient natural process. First the plants are pulled from the ground, not cut. They are hand pulled by the farmer, no machinery is used. The plants are used fresh following their August harvest, once all the compounds of the plant are naturally extracted they are bottled and sealed in Miron Glass Vessels to ensure maximum freshness. The Infusion is then good for 2 years.

Whole Hemp Plant Infusion means all of the plant is used, stems, leaves, seeds etc. The naturally correct CBD content is perfectly complimented as nature intended by the other vital cannabinoids. We want to explain that its not simply about achieving a high level of CBD. What we have with this method and with the growing environment factors and the unique strain is something we are seeing to be more potent and effective than just a high content CBD Oil.

The Extraction Process, involves days of carefully monitored and temperature managed heat, gravity filtered water, and a few organic, 100% natural secret ingredients, with also a touch of Coconut Glycerine, this method is unique in it does not involve C02, Alcohol or extreme heat, all of which damage the Terpenes of the plant. So we are creating something direct from the Hemp fields into an oil beyond CBD.

We truly believe that this Infusion is the future, we experienced it for ourselves and over and over again we witness people’s incredible reactions to it. One of our favourite things to do is give samples out at events, just to see how people react once they see and then experience the infusion. This is why we sell a 1ml syringe, it’s not enough to change your health or really thrive but it’s enough to feel the power of this Infusion. Once you experience it for yourself and especially if you go on to do a week or month you will truly know what this magical plant is capable of once it is grown and supported in the right environment and harvested in a sacred way.

Whole Hemp Plant Infusion CBD the natural way.

The Whole Plant Infusion is naturally potent in CBD. The plant contains Cannabinoids (One being Cannabidiol “CBD”). There are more 85 Cannabinoids in the plant. The two compounds frequently discussed are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC and CBD have some similarities, but they are not the same. THC is “psychoactive”, therefore gives you a ‘high’, whereas CBD does not. CBD is exclusively medicinal, but science is still discovering compounds of the plant. Some of the other compounds of the plant are (apart from CBD / THC) CBDA, THCA, THCV, CBN, CBC, CBCA. CBG and CBGA. Each of these are Cannabinoids. Each has a similar, but distinctive positive effect on the human body. The reason we want you to understand this is because a Whole Plant Infusion rich in these Cannabinoids will give the person ingesting, the greatest beneficial entourage effect.

Therefore most people wanting to consume the benefits of the plant for health desire an extract rich in all Cannabinoids except the THC. If it had the THC firstly it becomes an illegal substance here in the UK and most countries and because most will be unable to go through there day as normal because they will be too high, So this Whole Plant Infusion has a full spectrum of powerful effective Cannabinoids. It is very rich in CBD but has everything else in the blend and we are saying to use the Hemp Smoothie we’ve recommended in conjunction, this will give you the full, natural, as nature intended benefit of the plant.

So it is not about a CBD product that is being sold by its CBD content, its about making sure you have a full spectrum blend of all the whole plant, an entourage effect with a CBD content that is fully assimilated because it is being delivered as nature intended… The Sacred Harvest Whole Plant Infusion IS the New Gold Standard in Cannabis. Once you see it’s thick black texture you will further understand the difference between what we create compared to a standard CBD/Hemp Seed Oil mix.

You can purchase a 1ml syringe and feel for yourself what this is, you could also follow us on facebook and find us at an event, where you are welcome to try some for free… We look forward to meeting you.


Whole Plant Infusion