The First Stoners?

Archaeologists in Western China recently (May 2019) discovered some incense burners as an ancient burial ground (Jirzankal cemetery) high in the rural Pamir mountains. These wooden incense burners were used to smoke Cannabis and are now the oldest evidence of humans using the plant. Following our article last month about the origin of the plant itself we now look at how it was first actually smoked and by who and where. (more…)

The birthplace of Cannabis and its meaning

Have Scientists discovered the origin of Cannabis? We have long accepted that Cannabis plants are indigenous to Central Asia, however a recent study shows new informattion on exactly where this genus could of first evolved millions of years ago. Some documents that date back to the middle ages tell us that humans were hypothesising on the exact geographical origin of Cannabis at least a thousand years ago, an infamous Arab polymath Ibn Wahshiyya suggested that it was India or possibly...