Hemp Leaf (Juice/Smoothie/Tea) 100g


The cannabis plant is an outstanding health wonder, and there are so many different ways to reap the benefits of the leaves, seeds, and flowers. New applications are constantly being discovered, one of which is juicing the raw leaves of the plant to drink. COMES IN RESEALABLE KRAFT PAPER POUCH (No plastic).

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Raw Organically grown Hemp Leaf, a refreshing way to nutritonally enhance juices, smoothies and a perfect addition to a herbal tea blend. You could also add these to soups and salads, they mix well with carrot. You could also make them into an energy bar or dessert, what about a healthy bread. The Hemp Leaf is great to eat, sprinkle some on your food to turn up the nutrition of your meal.

Hemp is a very sustainable crop. The plant is grown without any pesticides or herbicides and it doesn’t need any additional water apart from the occasional rain. Hemp tea (official term: Hemp ‘infusion’) is mild, fresh and slightly sweet tasting, with a spicy aftertaste.
The magic green soft Hemp leaves are part of the Sacred Harvest, a beautifully nutritious partner to the Whole Hemp Plant Infusion (CBD) the luscious organic hulled Hemp Seeds and the liquid nutrition of the Hemp Seed Oil. It’s all about clean, effective food products that go through a respectful process to reach you.

Hemp Leaf Tea
The Hemp leaves, contain trace amount of the many incredible cannabinoids, including the best known CBD and THC. However most cannabinoids are not water soluble. So, in order to maximise health benefits of Hemp Tea, add a little Hemp Seed Oil to help the cannabinoids to dissolve.

Some photos on this website and other sites stocking Sacred Harvest Hemp Leaf, shows it in plastic bags, these bags were purely used for display and photos so people could see what the leaf looked like, we only supply the Hemp Leaf in quality kraft paper pouches, no plastic is used. Once empty the bag can be recycled just like newspaper.

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