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Sacred Harvest Hemp Smoothie

To maximise the Scared Harvest Whole Plant Infusion CBD effect, consume this delicious Hemp Smoothie daily. Learn about why you need, how to make it it and when to drink it, use a few simple ingredients to make a smoothie that works synergistically with the CBD.

The smoothie should be consumed daily whilst taking the Whole Plant Infusion CBD, preferably it should be drank in the morning and in one go, after being blended fresh. We like to use a banana or 2 (unless you have a kidney issue) as a base and you can consider any other organic fruit really. The vital essential things are simply the Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil. You even choose to add your daily 1ml of CBD to the smoothie, or why not add a couple of drops. The water is a major part of this smoothie, we really believe you can change your life with good water. After years and trying every filter system and going on courses about water we feel the gravity water filter is the best, it also doesn’t need to be plugged in. After the water is gravity filtered for the absolute best it should be placed in a Golden Ratio Carafe, the shape of the glass has proven to structure water placed in it after 3 minutes. This means the water is revitalised, given back it’s life force. Not a theory the water crystal crystals have been photographed and shown to have re-structured. Quality structured water plays as vital a part as the CBD will in your health.

To make this smoothie, you will need…

  • Hemp Seeds (Organic).
  • Purified Water.
  • Hemp Seed Oil.
  • (Optional Fruit / healthy Seeds etc).
  • A Blender.

Make it using the best water…
You will need to use purified water, in ice cubes and a little water. Purified water is best created by using a gravity water filter (this is our favourite) but you can use another filtration system.
Then ideally put this filtered water in a Golden Ratio vessel or drink from a golden ratio glass.
This is not strict but if you want the very best we recommend this option.

1. Purified Water
Pour a cup of water into the blender, or use ice cubes made from the pure water.

2. Organic Hemp Seeds
Get half a cup of Hemp Seeds and put into the blender. These Hemp Seeds should be hulled meaning no shell.

3. Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil
Pour a tablespoon of Hemp Seed Oil into the blender.

4. Optional extras.
You can add a Banana, Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Goji Berries, Pineapple, anything super healthy. You don’t need to add anything in but you can personalise here, the vital parts are the first 4 ingredients.

5. Blend it.
Once you have everything added, blend until well mixed and smooth.

How to use.
Drink this smoothie once a daily, best to drink straight after making, and best to make it fresh on the day. This will help the incredible work of the CBD.
The CBD will do wonders on its own but you may experience even more by adding in this drink, and don’t worry if you miss a day, its working on you while you sleep.

So in conclusion for the very best we recommend

Gravity Water Filter (for purifying water)
Golden Ratio Vessel (to structure water / give life-force)
Hemp Seeds (Organic)
Hemp Seed Oil (virgin Organic)

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