The soil in which the plants are grown is rich in all the components to create a healthy thriving plant, pollutant-free and blessed with a bedrock of Rose Quartz. Enriching the plant with positive earthly vibrations.

What we want to get across and share with you is how important the growing environment is for the plants and therefore the finished product. How the plants are nurtured from the beginning, supported through growth and respected in the “Sacred” Harvest.

It’s not enough to simply have good genetics in plants, if that plant is then grown in a warehouse mass produced and mechanically managed or if its grown in poor soils or in overused agricultural land then the real power of the plant will never be realised.

What makes the growing environment of the plants used in the Sacred Harvest Whole Plant Infusion so enriching is the natural soils, the surroundings and the elements feeding them. The plants are sun-blessed, therefore its all natural light, every light and colour from the sun. Watered with rain in accordance with natural cycles and monitored by a passionate farmer, who gives all his attention and care to the life of the plants.

Natural Soils…

The soil the plants are grown from are un-polluted, they have never been touched with agro-chemicals. and are not near any fields using agro-chemicals. In fact, the plants are really grown wild in a meadow.

Surrounded by nature, not agriculture…

The plants are grown outdoors with the all natural elements from Mother Nature enriching them. They survive and thrive as nature intended right till they hand pulled out of the ground by the farmer, no machinery, no cutting, just a human touch and respect to the plant.

There are no huge agricultural machines, no chemicals anywhere near, just an all natural environment. From the beginning with landrace genetics, through a natural supportive environment to a sacred harvest. Produced is a Whole Plant Infusion CBD uniquely potent and exceptionally effective.

Bedrock of Rose Quartz…

The soil is supported by a bedrock containing Rose Quartz. The frequency of the Rose Quartz in the bedrock can only benefit the incredible plants emerging from it. Rose Quartz, has a slight pink essence, it is considered a stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. It carries soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Rose Quartz brings the energy rays of determination, commitment, and caring. Its soothing colour calms feelings of anger or resentment and can aid efforts to meditate and reflect.

Outdoors not indoors

We’ve explained what makes the perfect growing environment, now let us explain more why this must become the only way in the future. Of course first making society supportive of Hemp farming is vital.

What is wrong with how most plants are grown…

Un-natural environment

In most indoor grows, the soil is replaced after every grow to shorten cycle time, fitting in several grows a year instead of one. The indoor environment does not have a natural food web. Bugs are eradicated, molds and fungi are suppressed with cleaning agents. The only members of the environment are the plants, the people, and maybe pets, which don’t do anything.

Harming the environment

In hydroponic grows, water is laden with nutrients like a buffet, and following a very unsacred harvest, it is discarded. Then it’s dumped into drains, it carries all the salts, heavy metals of the fertilisers and plant wastes directly into the water system, bypassing natural breakdown.
The effect of this on the environment is chaos. These byproducts miss the vital breakdown stage of micro-organisms in soil and begin to affect creatures usually further removed from them on the food chain.

The Chemical effects

If you want to further understand how a chemical used to wipe out small lifeforms can have a harmful effect on you, a larger life form, take a closer look at Bifenthrin. One of the readily available chemicals used to treat indoor grows between cycles in order to control spider mites, this stuff can linger on lights, tools, and in ventilation systems, contaminating not only the plants but the air in the area of the grow, which could be a family household.

The Way To Grow…

Growing any plants must be done in a way that supports all nature meaning the land, the other plants, and all life forms from each insect to us. Everything has a role and working together we can create incredible thriving environments, at Sacred Harvest natural is the only way, we will promote and educate as much as we can, by purchasing from us you are supporting an all natural process that feeds nature and supports Landrace Strains.



Growing Environment