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Going Beyond CBD

As we settle into 2020 perhaps the buzz of CBD last year is calming and to me thats a good thing, it may sound strange but I’m so bored of CBD. Cannabis is far more than CBD and far more than THC. At Sacred Harvest we’ve been at events small and large telling people this for years. At last more evidence is turning up from clever scientists, showing what we believed… The incredible powers and life-giving compounds of this sacred plant have still not all been discovered officially, just only felt but heres a little news on some more Cannabis discoveries.

Scientist have found 2 new cannabinoids within the glands of the Sacred Cannabis Plant, they believe that one could be 30X more potent than the well known THC compound. So far we know Cannabis Sativa to have over 400 compounds, THC as we all know, is the compound that gives users the “high” but perhaps this ancient but newly discovered compound is also playing a part… The compound appears similar to THC, in fact it has now been named Tetrahydrocannabiphorol. THCP (for short) and it seems to work with receptors in the way THC does, this receptor is named CB1.

The main differences between THCP and THC are realised in the chain of atoms jutting off the new compound. Previous research from 2016 suggested that this side-chain of atoms, called an “Alkyl Side Chain, is the catalyst for THC to “plug-in” to its preferred receptor in humans. Cannabinoids must have at least 3 carbon rings in their side-chain in order to plug into the CB1 receptor. The THC compound has 5 carbon rings. Researchers say that a compound with greater than 5 carbon rings would plug in even better to the CB1 receptor.

Calculations have determined that should a Cannabis compound have 8 carbon rings, it would perfectly fit into the CB1 receptor, which would then produce the most powerful (perhaps beneficial) biological response. The scientist conducting the research say “there is no known compound with those perfect attributes in nature”. Scientist discovered that THCP has  7 carbon rings in its ASC (Alkyl side chain). When tested in a petri dish using a concocted receptor, THCP tended to bind the substance 30x more reliably than THC did.  THCP was then tested on mice, (in quite low doses). The mice reacted in the same way they seem to react to THC, lower body temperatures, slower movements and reaction times. The researchers say it would have taken double the amount of THC to produce the same effects on the mice.

It’s currently unknown if THCP would induce the same effects in humans as were witnessed with the mice but this may explain why when a user smokes different blends/strains of Marijuana that notably different effects are experienced. While it’s clear THC has medicinal effects, it is not yet proven that THCP will.

The same scientists also discovered a CBD like compound with 7 carbon rings, naming it Cannabidiphorol (CBDP). It seems CBDP doesn’t bind strongly with the CB1 or its related receptor, CB2. While CBD is known to have many positive health effects, investigating the same effects in CBDP “does not appear to be a high priority,” the authors wrote.

Is this really big news, isn’t it just scientist trying to catch up with nature… we are all feeling, experiencing and sharing the incredible benefits of the Hemp Plant, new people find it every day, peoples lives are changed. We don’t need to understand it, sure it’s interesting and these discoveries help our case always, but theres so much more, there could be so many studies so much fascinating information will be found… GREAT.

But while science keeps examine this incredible sacred plant we can all start benefiting from it and Scared Harvest are one of the very few groups of people on earth that produced a Whole Hemp Plant Infusion, that GIVES YOU ALL THESE COMPOUNDS! It’s not CBD it’s not an alcohol ridden THC oil that gets you stoned as well as more healthy, it’s real Plant Medicine as nature intended and if you’ve found us you have a chance to experience it.

So why not try some today.

Be well Hemped


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