The Miron Glass Bottle does also act as a preservative but we recommend you still put it in the fridge once opened.
We do not use anything known to be an allergen, and do not use any products that are packed in a place where there are nuts. If you are worried, it would be best to start with a very little to see if you experience a reaction.
Click the Wholesale Page and follow instructions, you will be guided on how to apply.
in the morning for general health, but if looking for relaxing sleep improvement, it would be best to take in the evening.
Yes it is safe, however if you are also taking some other medications check with your doctor first.
Each person is very different, you will have to trust your intuition and listen to your body. It may be best to take until you are feeling better, then break to see if symptoms return. You may be happy with your state and like to top up occasionally.
Always check with your doctor first, we cannot recommend to take it during pregnancy however we have known people to have chosen to take it and experienced satisfaction.
You must check the customs/import laws and rules of the country of your destination. Google suggested search - Can i take Hemp / CBD Oil into...
You can purchase sample a 1ml syringe to taste and reassurance that the Oil is safe and effective.
You can choose from 1ml / 5ml / 10ml / 30ml / 50ml
We recommend beginning with 0.5 - 1ml daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
They are grown organically in Europe.
It is Whole Hemp Plant Infusion, with trace Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut derived Glycerine.
Within the 80% Whole Plant Infusion is CBD which works synergistically as part of the entourage effect, what we are saying is, forget the CBD content and have the whole plant all together as nature intended and experience the true magic of the plant. If you want a CBD product there are hundreds if not thousands of sites selling CBD Oil at all sorts of prices. This is a whole plant infusion and once experienced you'll "get it" if you see us at an event you can have a free sample.
Yes it's entirely safe but please still follow the suggested use.
No, the THC level is less than 3% making it legal and there is no high.
You use the (No Needle) syringe provided, it's simply plastic with an open end covered with a cap. Point the syringe under the tongue and squeeze the contents into your mouth. Hold it for a while and let it absorb around your mouth and swallow.
Different for each person, for some it's instant, some shortly after and some people its more of an accumulative effect.
Until you feel confident and happy with your health, thereafter you may like a top up.
Yes each bottle comes with a syringe for accurate measuring.
Yes, because there have been no studies conducted, it's best to simply follow the adult directions.


Rarely some people, maybe 1 in 30 do not like the taste, this does not effect your positive response to the Oil. Please continue to take it, you may like to take it with honey, or a sweet desert, many people put it in the Hemp Smoothie.
Pour a little clean filtered water inside, swish about a bit and then drink it, likely this will be a very small amount but better than to waste any.
You will need to push it slightly harder than you are, it does fit, its securely tight to make sure none is spilt.