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CBD for Spiritual Development / Awakening

Can you use CBD to awaken? Can it help your spiritual development, and that can mean anything personal to your beliefs and feelings. So in this article, we discuss personal accounts from people who have used Sacred Harvest CBD. 

You don’t want to get high, you want your feet on the ground and your focus with you, can you use CBD, Cannabis Oil without THC to reach or experience your spiritual aspirations?

In 2018 whilst doing a stall at the London Mind Body Spirit Event, we gave a woman 1ml of our Whole Hemp Plant Infusion, she closed her eyes and stood at the stall, we asked if she was ok, she nodded and smiled, she was quiet and eventually took our offer to sit down. After 15 mins she explained to us that it was the most relief she had experienced from her anxiety in 3 years. It always makes me happy to think back to that moment and why we do this.

In late 2017 a young couple took the same amount, after never feeling so great they had told us that this would be perfect to assist in meditation, personally, I’d always liked to do any meditation without the use of anything, even calming herbal teas. But later I would try the CBD since I did I found it a fantastic help in shifting me into that space.

Following the tragic death of a relative, I had suffered from fear and anxiety which I simply thought would pass eventually or maybe always be there. Taking our Oil put my thoughts on a new path, it didn’t make me forget the event it simply helped my understanding and ability to process and live with it.

In our modern world and the society most of us find ourselves in it can be difficult to tune into our development, the part of us that knows total peace and understanding, I would never want anyone to become reliant on anything to do that, be it music, herbals teas, a supplement, or CBD. However a beautiful song can lead us there, 5 HTP a popular natural anti-depressant could help out a restless night and CBD could be one of the biggest bridges to reach that place.

It helps one take a new path within the mind and I speak with no scientific evidence, I say this and I welcome to proved wrong and why, but I experienced this and saw it so many times, the incredible testimonials we got. CBD isn’t something you want to take all the time to try to become enlightened, to make contact with God or whatever your spiritual desire, but it can be used to get you on the right path or to help you back on if you lost your way for a while.

Then there is the fact it can give peace and relaxation in the body where there was once discomfort, this can be such a hinderance in our development, really as simple as your back aching while you sit and meditate. It could also comfort your joints allowing you to do Yoga moves you may have struggled with that once again will aid you in your journey.

We’ve also now seen the Oil to be incredible for therapists, who need to put their client in an extra relaxed state, whether acupuncture, hypnosis, or just a good massage, even its a perfect tool for a holistic dentist.

This article doesn’t need to be long, because the story is yours, we’re telling you that our Whole Plant Infusion CBD could be a part of your awakening, your peace however you wish to say or think. It’s for you to try now.

But its so important to finish with this simple part, and especially as we have talked of peace and understanding, we will not bad mouth any CBD brand, simply we’ll say, not all are created equal, many people have chosen CBD as a business because of the huge trend today, all the phrases around CBD have been hijacked now rendering most meaningless.
What we know is the thick black medicinal elixir of Oil we call a Whole Hemp Plant Infusion CBD is going BEYOND CBD, and the experiences can take you beyond what is out there. Please always shop around and ask for samples, you can visit us in our beautiful wooden unit in Essex and try a sample for free. You can check back in our articles to see when we are next doing an event near you.
We consider you all friends and we are all in this together.

Heal, Be Well and Thrive

Sacred Harvest

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