Ancient Cannabis Users – The Egyptians

The land of the Sphinx and the Pyramids, Ancient Egypt left a powerful legacy of art, architecture and sculpture which echos through the ages never failing to impress with it's skill and beauty. Even in their own time Egypt was highly respected as a very ancient and wise culture, perhaps the most significant legacy they left is the impact they had on our understanding of the world. Their importance in the history of science simply can't be overstated, the...

Ancient History of Cannabis Use – Early Sativa Smokers

Two and a half thousand years ago in the inhospitable deserts of western China there was a fascinating group of nomads cultivating and carefully preparing Cannabis with strong psychoactive qualities, they may even be the first people to selectively breed Cannabis Sativa. Very little was known about these people, referred to as the Jushi, until the discovery of the Yanghai Tombs in 2008. The Yanghai Tombs is a vast cemetery complex located at the foot of the spectacular Flaming Mountains,...

Sacred Harvest Hemp Smoothie

To maximise the Scared Harvest Whole Plant Infusion CBD effect, consume this delicious Hemp Smoothie daily. Learn about why you need, how to make it it and when to drink it, use a few simple ingredients to make a smoothie that works¬†synergistically with the CBD. (more…)

Getting to the Root

The Hemp Plant root is the most under utilised part of the plant. People use almost every part of the plant: leaves, seeds, flowers, resin, fiber. During historical times, Cannabis Root was highly valued by our ancestors as they used them for medicine. (more…)