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Sacred Harvest Ltd
Unit 2
Burghey Brook
London Road
Cm8 3ha
United Kingdom

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    About Us

    Driven by our passion and fascination of the Hemp Plant and its healing capabilities for over 25 years, we sourced the finest Hemp mother nature has to offer. Sacred Harvest, produce clean, trustworthy, full potency CBD the way nature intended. The Whole Plant Infusion (CBD) is created following an ancient extraction method to promote and facilitate healing, repair and rejuvenation in people and animals with compromised health and to help already healthy beings to experience increased vitality, clarity and longevity. Sacred Harvest Whole Plant Infusion (CBD ) is one of the most powerful healing substances on earth that works synergistically with the mind, body and spirit.

    We work with a small compassionate group of associates, farmers and friends who have decades of experience. We all take the Plant Infusion ourselves, we experiment with it, re-invest in it and study it. We are constantly finding new information and sharing it, please share your stories and experiences too.

    About Us