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The birthplace of Cannabis and its meaning

Have Scientists discovered the origin of Cannabis?
We have long accepted that Cannabis plants are indigenous to Central Asia, however a recent study shows new informattion on exactly where this genus could of first evolved millions of years ago. Some documents that date back to the middle ages tell us that humans were hypothesising on the exact geographical origin of Cannabis at least a thousand years ago, an infamous Arab polymath Ibn Wahshiyya suggested that it was India or possibly China back in 930 CE.

Print fossils (impressions of leaves made on other objects) are rare, this has made it difficult for Cannabis Historians to be more specific than just saying “Central Asia” despite the huge surge in popularity of Cannabis and now the CBD boom.
“Despite a voluminous literature emerging in the last three decades, the classification of Cannabis and its centre of origin remains under debate,” Author and medical researcher John McPartland (University of Vermont).With the lack of print fossils, scientists turned to plant pollen of the Cannabis genus; these pollens were first studied in the 1930s to help discover more on the Cannabis plants history.
Multiple studies have been conducted on fossil pollens in the years since, searching and identifying ancient writings and records of the plant across Asia and anywhere else of relavence in the world, taking special interest in the enviroments where Cannabis thrives best.

“Cannabis flourishes in steppe – an open, treeless habitat,” the researchers say.

John McPartland and his team went through 155 existing fossil pollen studies centred on Asia. A probelm with the data is many of the studies lump Cannabis pollen grains in with pollens from plants of the Humulus genus. This is because they look similar and both plants diverged from one another around 28 million years ago.

So to deal with these identification problems, McPartland and his team used a statistical technique involving “ecological proxies” in which they differentiated probabilistically the pollens based on other plants common to that region, this included plants belonging to the Artemisia genus.

On the evidence we have, the results suggest what is the most likely geographical origin of Cannabis – even if it’s a hypothesis that might be impossible to ever prove.
“We bridged the temporal gap between the divergence date and the oldest pollen by mapping the earliest appearance of Artemisia,” the team writes.
“These data converge on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau, which we deduce as the Cannabis centre of origin, in the general vicinity of Qinghai Lake” China 青海湖, Tso Ngonpo (Tibetan: མཚོ་སྔོན་པོ།)
Qinghai Lake is China’s largest lake, it is situated in the Qinghai province on an endorheic basin, between Hainan and Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures in northeastern Qinghai. Classified as a saline and alkaline lake, Qinghai Lake has a surface area of 4,317 square kilometres; an average depth of 21 metres.The lake is circumambulated by pilgrims, mainly Tibetan Buddhists, especially every Horse Year of the 12-year cycle.
Beyond Qinghai Lake the team beleives the Cannabis plants spread westwards, reaching Russia and Europe around 6 million years ago and to the east, making it to eastern China by 1.2 million years ago.
Cannabis’s spreading made various forms of the plant easily available for cultivation to the peoples of Eurasia. Until it’s demonising Hemp was used for everything (you must know all about its uses) from mind-altering drug to fibres for rope and clothing.

The findings were reported in Vegetation History and Archaeobotany on the 14th May 2019.

So what does this mean with regards to Cannabis and Health, well at Sacred Harvest we look at Mind, Body and Spirit, the area of Tibet may be one of the most spiritual places on earth. It is no suprise to us then that Cannabis likely originated in this area. It’s plant medicine, it’s a plant that sets your mind, body and spirit on healing mode and if you are already healthy it takes you further.
I personally feel more self aware when I take in my plant medicine, my body feels good, I thrive, I become more enthusuastic, mood lifts and this is when I already felt good. Knowing now that Cannabis began in Tibet just makes me feel even more for this plant. It’s ancient holy magical medicine, but it’s also a elixir of life force that does magical things… This isn’t very scientific speak is it, but it’s the only way I can describe what I have felt and witnessed others experience when taking in the Plant Infusion.
To also be fair I think you can get this in other ways of taking the plant in, however I still to this day believe our whole plant water extraction is the way, the ancient way, was it the way the first people’s of Tibet and surrounding areas took it? we don’t know at the time of writing this, but it certainly wasn’t C02 or alcohol extraction.
The next research I plan to do following this first step in the actual origin of Cannabis is to find out how it was first ever used for the human mind, body and spirit.
Thanks for reading, peace, forgiveness, gratitude, belief and Thrive.
Sacred Harvest

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